Blu-Ray * Donnie Darko * Donnie Darko ( Jake Gyllenhaal ) is a paranoid schizophrenic who falls victim to a volatile situation in which the primary universe spits out a bizarre tangent universe on October 2, 1988 - similar in fashion to David LynchŴ�s Lost Highway only, in this case, a correction must occur within 28 days or both worlds will perish. When a jet engine falls out of the sky, baffling the FAA ( there arenŴ�t any planes anywhere missing an engine ) and crashes through the roof of the Darko residence landing in DonnieŴ�s bedroom, the tangent universe that must be stopped begins. From there itŴ�s simple: unravel the eerie mystery of Roberta SparrowŴ�s, aka Grandma DeathŴ�s ( Patience Cleveland ) book, The Philosophy Of Time Travel, and thus, unlock the only path of true correction.

Guided by Frank - the Jason Voorhees or Freddy Krueger of rabbits - Donnie is led around the tangent universe like a rabid puppet. Frank dictates and Donnie performs dastardly acts of destruction such as using an axe to cut the water main at his high school or setting the local Ŵ�mental-healthŴ� evangelistŴ�s ( Patrick Swayze ) mansion on fire. DonnieŴ�s English teacher, Ms. Pomeroy ( Drew Barrymore ), who, aside from having a fondness for DonnieŴ�s unique personality, leads him further down the path of Ŵ�tangent world correctionŴ� by nonchalantly sharing with him her Ŵ�cellardoorŴ� concept. Donnie Darko is paradoxically stapled together with an array of opposing friction: turmoil/bliss, dark/light, evil/good and fear/love.

Writer and Director, Richard Kelly, created a cult masterpiece when he pulled Donnie Darko out of his creepy vat of lunacy, an important film, which almost went straight to video but luckily ended up theatrically released to the applaud of critics. KellyŴ�s off kilter vision - where many others have failed miserably trying to commit to film a story with such grandiose ambition - not only succeeds cinematically but concept-wise as well, Kelly nailed this one rotten.

Donnie Darko, like a twisted, sinister version of Spike JonzeŴ�s, Being John Malkovich meets writer Dan WaterŴ�s, Heathers ( most prominently observed in the scenes with DonnieŴ�s parents ), is riddled with Ŵ�80s music as a number of scenes are brilliantly set to music from INXS, Tears For Fears, Duran Duran, The Church, Echo And The Bunnymen and Joy Division ( the theatrical version and the directorŴ�s cut switch up the positioning of these songs ). The main song in the film, a lovely cover ofTears For FearsŴ� Ŵ�Mad World,Ŵ� performed by Gary Jules, became a huge hit. The soundtrack pushes an amazing work of avant-garde, dark fantasy even further, making Donnie Darko a film that Kelly wonŴ�t easily top for decades. // Review by David Paul Wyatt Perko, Surveil Magazine