TLFO Herschell Gordon Lewis * Vinegar Syndrome* Directed by Herschell Gordon Lewis, 1969, 1969, 1970 * Blu-ray release date - January 08, 2013
Review written by David Paul Wyatt Perko

Not many know that, Lewis, known as the Godfather of Gore, once dabbled in the sexploitation genre. But now, these 2k restorations of three previously lost, Herschell Gordon Lewis films, offer a number of delights and unbutton the titular blouse under a retro and modest suit jacket. Unlike his typical horror feast, these three films: Ecstasies Of Women, Linda And Abilene, and Black Love, all focus on a stronger instinct of human nature - sex. The only red in sight–associated with these films–will be your own face, blushing with blood, when someone discovers you soaking them in.

Lewis, with wood in his pants and Ed Wood in his skull, licked these tasty sinematic features and impregnated them with jiggling brilliance. They are provocative, libidinous, and flirtatious with a capital F. There’s an art-style, courting each film, throbbing with excitement as it overshadows the somewhat trite and make-shift sets. And, although the actors come across as more of stage thespians rather than screen actors, Lewis may have used this tact to convey voyeuristic appeal.

Whether soon-to-be married Harry, reminisces about his swingin’ past–leading to a spur-of-the-moment, yet highly expected nautical orgy–or a coy brother and a sex-kitten-esque sister (left to fend for themselves in a private world, minus their late, farmer parents) are overcome by sexual curiosity, or a bunch of sex-crazed black folk can’t seem to get enough of “the nasty” - these no-longer-lost Lewis films are a rare treat. Vinegar Syndrome has taken something, that the cult film world had possibly discarded, and slaved endlessly to fondle and molest it into something that is now a collectible memento. The pure historical value of the content alone is enough reason to partake in the action. Of course, don’t be surprised when the charm, of these modest nudies, sinks its teeth into your jugular vein. //