Blu-Ray * Prison Break_Season One * Lincoln Burrows ( Dominic Purcell ), a brute and seemingly bad-guy, is on death row for murdering the Vice PresidentŴ�s brother. The truth though, is that itŴ�s all a huge set-up by a government conspiracy hatched by the mother hen of all shadow organizations known worldwide as The Company. Michael Scofield ( Wentworth Miller ), BurrowŴ�s brother, utilizes his high IQ and engineering brilliance ( Michael designed the prison that Burrows is held in ) to stage a Federal-level robbery that lands him in prison, thus, setting the plot: Break Lincoln Burrows out of Fox River Penitentiary before he is executed.

Not since Death Of A Salesman have characters had such fitting names. Ŵ�LincolnŴ� pays tribute to President Lincoln, giving BurrowŴ�s name an Ŵ�enslavedŴ� or Ŵ�captiveŴ� feel while Ŵ�BurrowsŴ� suggests what one might have to do to escape from prison. ScofieldŴ�s last name, Ŵ�ScofieldŴ� suggests Ŵ�scoping-outŴ� something and/or doing Ŵ�field-workŴ� as it is commonly referred to amongst the law enforcement crowd. One may even think of Scofield performing Ŵ�surveillanceŴ� with the intent of producing action at the exact right moment, all at just the mere mention of his name. It is this type of crafty and almost prophetically visionary writing that makes Prison Break as complicated as a set of high-rise blueprints while also making it as interesting as hundreds of cogs turning in tandem deep inside the darkness of a Rube Goldberg contraption.

The mainstay of the series is, of course, ScofieldŴ�s intellectual spin on a Ŵ�MacGyver meets Tim Robbins in The Shawshank RedemptionŴ� type of mind-set where charismatic Scofield not only gets the heart of the prisonŴ�s own Dr. Sara Tancredi ( Sarah Wayne Callies ) racing but gets the adrenaline of the entire guard staff just as worked up. Scofield is like a meditating monk whoŴ�s secret Ninja ability is a dangerous mind riddled with dexterity. Scofield is at once someone that you never want to go up against mentally while also almost calmly-invisible physically.

Scofield aside, the supporting cast is equally as strong and by the middle of this first season you actually begin to feel - ironically - sympathy for each and every con.

The musical score, seldom turning to the easy route and obvious would-be choice of rap and/or hip hop - which would have ruined the series - is provocatively alluring. Utilizing subtle sounds to quickly build anticipation, the score corresponds and heightens the intrigue of the storyline as your attention becomes totally captivated. // Review by David Paul Wyatt Perko, Surveil Magazine