Virgin Witch * Kino Lorber * Directed by Ray Austin, 1972 * Blu-ray release date - March 13, 2012
Review written by David Paul Wyatt Perko

Real-life siblings, Ann and Vicki Michelle, play sultry sisters, Christine and Betty, who venture to London to become models. Sybil Waite (Patricia Haines), a known agency scout–and also the High Priestess of a coven of witches–tricks Christine into her selfish trap by stepping on a footswitch which causes her desk phone to ring so she can pretend that a client needs a model. Sybil has already decided that Christine’s unclothed, 36-24-36 figure is worthy of personal pursuit. With libidinous sister Betty along for the ride, the duo head for an ominous and illusory mansion, where things go every “witch” way and very loose...

As photographer, Peter (James Chase), gets Christine naked–for a more artistic feel to the photos–she doesn’t seem to mind and neither does voyeur, Sybil, who’s still focused on her prey. Meanwhile, lovely Betty discovers a green and red-lit room in the basement with Roman columns, complete with demon masks and an ornate knife. It seems clear as a witch’s cackle as to what will happen next. But as Christine begins to feel oddly-content in her new surroundings, the sacrificial tables begins to turn. Head of the castle, Gerald Amberly (Neil Hallett), then discovers that Christine wants to join the coven and become a witch! Even more surprising: she secretly wants to be High Priestess and there can only be one... Talk about calling the kettle black!

Director Ray Austin’s, Virgin Witch, flies a bit more of a straight broom than you would expect, which is charming. Other-worldly threads, that are sometimes embedded into other films of this genre, are replaced with erotic candor and more astute literary conflicts such as wo(man) vs. wo(man) and wo(man) vs. self. This is a world where Jealousy is Powertrip’s evil, twin sister and Sexuality is Influence’s not-so-distant doctor. A must-have cult classic, brilliantly resuscitated from the dead-film cauldron. //